I am a proud momma!

Rileigh has improved so much in her dancing since we started a few months ago. She has already mastered her splits since she practices so diligently. Everyone that meets her is gonna see her routine at least two times before they depart. She has recently shown a lot of interest in singing. I print lyrics for songs she requests and a couple of hours later she is back to perform them. School has been so easy for her. She is super smart and learns so quickly. I’m a proud momma!

Jett has been missing daddy lately. At night when I am tucking him in bed I usually find some reminder of daddy snuggled in with him. For awhile it was a chuck e cheese photo card of Rhett and him. Last night it was a promo photo of RWB that Rhett had autographed to him. I caught him talking to the photo while laying in bed! Today he has been carrying around a tiny guitar keychain Rhett gave him. It is so sweet how much he loves his daddy! Rhett is the perfect role model for our baby boy! I’m a proud momma!

Autumn is a month old already! I cannot believe how fast time flies by. It’s been a little rocky getting used to the new responsibilities but it’s been so fun. I love those moments when she looks at me! I feel like she has always been a part of our family. She has stolen all of our hearts and we adore her! I am a proud momma!

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