I am thankful. For good health. Hunky hubby. Career success. A bigger family. Happy children. A warm and cozy home. Great memories. Yummy food. Visits from family. Cute clothes. Plenty of coffee. Long naps. Books. I am thankful. For our family car. Dance class. Baseball. Great friends. Helpful hands. Jesus Christ. A glass of wine. Yards to play in. Crayons and art projects. And everything else.

Here is our thankful tree. By Riles and Jett. Yes he put underwear….


One thought on “Thankful

  1. I’m thankful for underwear too. Smart kid! That’s a really cute idea. I should have had my children do that too (they are four and seven)! All we ended up doing was a toilet paper tube turkey. Oh well, maybe next year!

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