Tips for teaching your child to read

Teaching a child to read seems so overwhelming at first. Especially if you try to skip steps or move too fast for your child. Here are some steps I found successful with my first born and are now following them with my K5 boy.

1. Make reading fun. Read to them and read what interests them. Explain the purpose for reading. Such as to be able to read directions, recipes, books, maps, signs, labels, etc.. Make them have a desire to read.

2. Teach letter recognition and phonics well. Do not rush this step. Make the sounds of letters well known to your child before proceeding or they will become frustrated.

3. Teach blends. Such as th, ch, wh, br, sh, bl, cr, etc..

4. Teach phonics rules. Silent e, first vowel does the talking and second does the walking (ae), etc.

5. Practice with easy books. Make it simple so they can be proud and see their progress. Then gradually increase the reading level. Go to the library often! 🙂

Hope that helps.

One thought on “Tips for teaching your child to read

  1. Teaching phonics is SOO incredibly important! So many parents are ready to jump past this. However, teaching phonics sets up a child for a lifetime of reading fluency.

    The other day, I asked my husband is a name was spelled “ur” in nurse or “er” in verse. He looked at me like I lost my mind. lol

    Practicing with books without words is a great tip to add to the repertoire. It helps kids to practice prediction and sequencing. It also lets their imaginations run wild with the story which will later help in writing.

    These are great tips! Thank you for sharing!

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