3rd Grade, 1st Grade, and a baby!

Hi – It’s been awhile since I’ve written. A lot has taken place in our lives and we are in a new season. I am excited to say Rhett is planning for a new album and his first headlining tour this fall. The success of the first album has been a blessing to our family and we appreciate the support from fans, family, and friends. Rileigh, my oldest daughter, is beginning 3rd grade. Jett, my big boy, is starting 1st grade. Autumn, the baby girl, is learning to walk, talk, and keep up with her siblings. Me, I’m keeping the peace, maintaining the home, and teaching the littles about life.

Homeschooling has been a great fit for our family. I enjoy the adventures with my babies of discovering new things! I am often asked “what I do for me” and people expect me to come back with a hobby or career of some sorts. Well I honestly find my joy and fulfillment in the life of a stay at home mom, homeschool teacher, and wife. I do not need a spotlight or talent to give me the gratification many seek. I am good at being a wife and mother and that counts. I do not overlook the accomplishments I make through supporting my husband and teaching my babies. It is not due to my lack of skill or opportunity. I am a very qualified graphic and web designer. I have pursued this as a career but discovered in this season my time is more gratified when I spend it pouring into my family. I appreciate the concern for my wellbeing but let me reassure you that I have carefully thought out the path God has intended for me to follow. 🙂 xoxo



So this week we began the new year of books, crafts, and discoveries! I like to be transparent, with that said, the first day was disorganized and chaotic. As much planning as I did I was expecting it to be a little smoother. But that was not the case. As the week progressed we all began to find what works and what doesn’t. We have enjoyed the new books we are reading (A Lion to Guard Us and Pocahontas and the Strangers) and the kids have been begging for “just one more chapter mom!” This year we are doing basic biology and american history. But we are not using a standard text book. I am following the subject matter of the textbook but introducing the concepts through fiction stories, short paraphrased lessons, and media. This is no different than unit studies most homeschool families do other than I am using a curriculum guideline for the order we introduce each topic.

The joy of homeschooling is being able to adjust and be flexible with your children’s abilities or the interruptions (a baby!). To succeed in home education you must forget “school”. No more sitting in a desk quietly, raise your hand, read to yourself, busy work is necessary. FOR US IT IS BEST: To take advantage of our time by working with each child individually for an hour or 2 (on their grade level -with breaks when needed), then group them together for history, science, and electives. I make a outline for the week on Saturday and Sunday of what I would like for us to do each day. I do not follow this outline exactly but it helps to know whats next. If we don’t finish what was planned I just pick up where we left off on the next day. We also take days off for when dad is home so we can enjoy him. 

I hope to blog more and maybe through my blog answers questions regarding homeschooling, motherhood, marriage, or our crazy musician life. I can’t promise to blog often but I’ll blog when possible.

Hope that you have a great weekend! 


April Walker

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