Little Updates

Random stuff about my littles.

8 yr, 6 yr, 1 yr
Rileigh 8 yr, Jett 6 yr, Autumn Pearl 1 yr

Riles (8 years) – Is getting so big! I mean seriously can we stop growing. She is an amazing big sister. The other day I got Autumn up from her nap and put her behind the baby gate so I could finish something and when I came back Rileigh had put her in her high chair and was fixing/feeding her lunch. I asked “How she knew that I needed to do that?” and she answered “because I watch you do it everyday.” Needless to say I got teary eyed. Her and Autumn play dress up a lot. Rileigh will put her clothes on Autumn and they will dance and sing. Rileigh refuses to sleep in her room (upstairs alone) even though she was so excited to get her own room again. But she chooses to sleep in the bunk beds with Jett. They giggle for hours after we tuck them in bed. She is a little monkey and drives mama crazy climbing trees way too big.

Jett (6 years)- This boy has so much energy. He jumps on furniture and races through the house so much. He loves to “fight” with dad. Lately when Rhett or I leave he tells us “hug hug, kiss kiss”. He tells Rhett “best friends forever”. When we tuck them in bed we must end with saying “bye”. The other night we played “HedBanz” as a family. When it was Jett’s turn to ask questions about what he was he would ask questions that described what was on our cards. Then when someone got a new card he would get a fit of the giggles. He just couldn’t handle the excitement.

Autumn (14 months) – Is WALKING! She is the funniest little thing. She has gotten a much faster pace here lately. Almost a run. Her hair is long enough to hold a bow finally. She likes to say “cheeesse” when she looks in mirrors. She says “Hi” to people on the phone. She can “shhh” people. She knows that the dog says “woof woof”. She can stack blocks and put the circle rings on the stick. Loves to throw the ball. Gets in Jett’s face laughing to get him to chase her. Loves books. Brings book after book to me or daddy to read to her. Pretends to go night night on pillows. Loves dress-up. Says “ook” (look) and “iss” (this) and “at” (that) while pointing at everything. Loves emptying the kitchen cabinets. Loves to brush hair, clean the floor, and try to dress herself.

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