You are beautiful

I watch my girls with tangles in their hair, mud on their clothes, and leaves stuck to their bottoms as they create mud pies and new discoveries. The sun was shining down as they giggled and I had a mommy moment of “Oh my, don’t move, let me get my camera”.


I saw their beauty as it’s intended.

Creation is a process. Art is something developed with labor and time. Layer after layer beauty is molded, sculpted, and shaped into something more than it was prior.

Our beauty is no different. No I am not referring to the layers of make-up, name brand clothing, or ideal weight that we strive so hard to achieve. I mean our spiritual growth and development as a fruitful person. Each experience we face is strategically shaping who we will be. Each moment of joy brings our hearts to a position capable of being more. As we mourn, laugh, and tremble He is slowly creating His art.

I want to seek this beauty. A beauty measured by love, compassion, happiness and wisdom. I believe outward beauty starts at its core.

So just as we create inspiration boards for staying healthy lets encourage ourselves and one another to focus on the purpose He has for us. In every moment He is shaping us. Lets allow it and desire it.

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