Chores and Rewards

Hi! Today I thought I’d share how our family handles chores.

Chores are a mandatory responsibility for everyone in our house. We start them as young as possible. It is important for children to grasp the meaning of hard work and being responsible. We are a family and we work together as a team. Each person fills their age appropriate chores to help our family have success and order.

Many times a week I hear “I didn’t make that mess!”. As a family we help each other out. If someone has to leave to fulfill another responsibility and doesn’t have time to put away his/her things someone else helps complete the task. That is what families do.

Every morning we have a chore time. It’s not necessarily the same exact time each day. Once we have had breakfast and gotten ready to start our day I designate the next hour or more for chores.

We do dishes, pick up our things, help with meals, and clean up behind ourselves everyday. For our other chores I created a chore list for the kids with a task for each day. Once they have completed a weeks worth of chores they will get to pick out 1 rewards card. Throughout the week I offer words of encouragement for motivation to do a good job. If they complete the task while complaining or lazily they will receive an additional chore for the day.

Here is my chart that has pictures for beginning readers. It is free for you to use as you want! The reward cards we use are below as well. Hope you find them useful!

Click the images to download!

my chores

reward cards


Have a Great Monday!

April Walker

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