The Ultimate Achievement is Living In God’s Will


Parenting a successful child is more than the pursuit of a college degree.

Parents always encourage college. We are expected to obtain knowledge in math and science but spiritual knowledge is often overlooked or not praised. A child could become a spiritual genius and live in God’s will but that will not be enough to many parents. We have been trained to believe without a worldly education we have not achieved our full potential.

It’s easier to measure the success of a child gaining knowledge in non-biblical subjects. The degree, great jobs and money are rewards we can see. The fruits of a life with Christ often aren’t as visible.

I fully believe in a choice for higher education and furthering knowledge in a diversity of subjects. We should always pursue a path to better ourselves if it’s in God’s will. But to discredit someone with a different calling is a misconception led by worldly standards.

We feed these thoughts to our children so they pursue the same path as everyone else when they were intended to follow their own individual path. Their behavior is the fruit of their thoughts. If we plant the seed of college over following God then the fruits will fall accordingly. Bullying, gossip, greed, selfishness, lust and so on are the results of a mind-set on a degree being the ultimate standard. If God is the focus, the characters of our children will be more capable of creating a much better world. The path will be narrow but it will be much more rewarding.

Children should be motivated to study and achieve great results in school. They should not be pushed to the extent they can’t develop into who God intended them to be. Without a relationship with Christ their success will always be limited.

Just as we monitor what we feed our kids so they do not become obese or unhealthy we should monitor the things consumed by their minds. Plant seeds of scripture and prayer in them just as much as you hover over their report cards. A great foundation is established through a person’s character and that is where this generation is missing the mark.


April Walker

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Achievement is Living In God’s Will

  1. “Without a relationship with Christ their success will always be limited.” – How true!

    I’m reminded of how the Lord asked “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” (Matt 16:26)

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