Chalk Paint for Dummies

chalk paint for dummies

Basically, if you haven’t heard of chalk paint by this point, you must be living under a rock. It seems to have taken over Pinterest. There are many techniques and formulas to create the paint but I decided to approach this like I do most other things, I was gonna wing it!

I knew the basic formula was Plaster of Paris, water, and paint. I have a ton of acrylics already and I happened to have a gray primer just lying around from another project of mine. So, I poured the gray primer into a handy GladWare container and added some colored acrylics until I got the color I loved.

Then I mixed some Plaster of Paris with water and added it to my paint mixture. I didn’t measure anything. I just made sure not to add too much water. If the paint is too runny then it will dry too thin and clear.

I added 2 coats and was done! Then I sanded it down and enjoyed my new brighter cabinets!

chalk paint






April Walker

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