Currently learning…

currently learning

I’ve always loved reading what other homeschoolers are doing with their kids. Unlike a teacher in the school system, we don’t have any guidelines on how to teach or what to teach. That can be intimidating. It’s always inspiring to see how others with these freedoms run their “class”. So, I have decided to start posting a quick breakdown of what we are learning occasionally. Maybe you will find something I do useful or motivating!

1st Grade Math

The past couple of weeks my son has been reviewing his doubles addition facts (1+1, 2+2, 3+3, etc..). One of the methods for solving addition is to use doubles. Such as 5+4, use 4+4, which you should have memorized and add 1 more. I don’t feel it’s necessary to solve facts in this manner but I do love to offer several methods to see which is easiest and to encourage a different thought process. We have also been learning our math vocabulary for addition such as addend, sum, equation, addition sentence, equal sign, plus sign, etc..

I thought I’d share some of the things I have found online to assist us with memorizing doubles facts other than flash cards.

1st Grade Reading and Phonics

We have been doing a lot of silent “e” worksheets. He has short vowel sounds down and I explained the meaning of a diacritical mark. We have recently started using the book Phonics Pathways and I love it! It has helped with spelling a lot.

3rd Grade Math

My sweet pea has memorized all of her multiplication facts and has almost mastered double-digit multiplication. Practice makes perfect! She has been doing a lot of worksheets some printed and some hand written by me.

3rd Grade Reading

I have been teaching Riles how to read properly. I want her to feel confident when reading to others. She has been reading aloud to her brother and I daily. I try to pick a book that she is familiar with so that comprehension isn’t involved. If she knows the story then she can focus on being a story-teller. I encourage emotion and clear speaking in her reading.


We have been learning a lot of facts about astronomy. This is being primarily led by them. They find it interesting, so we sit around a computer googling facts and watching cool videos. They both know the planets in order of their distance from the sun. Science for us is best taught in discussion. I could sit down with a lesson and teach it but I think that would set a limit as to what they are learning. When we discuss a topic led by me, questions I thought they wouldn’t be able to comprehend get addressed. Before I know it, they are learning far beyond the expectations I had for the topic.


April Walker


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