The Walker’s Easter Celebration


I love traditions! I love family activities that create memories! With Easter right around the corner I am planning all of the fun for us to celebrate this amazing holiday.

Here is a list of things I need to do and ideas that put the icing on the cake!

  1. Buy/Pick Out Easter Clothes – I am from the South and we southern women cherish that Easter family photo. I am also a very frugal person so it’s an inner battle of do we really need new clothes or do we have something photo worthy already. Either way I need to make a decision and commit.
  2. Fill the Baskets – Get some ideas here. Toddler basket ideas here.
  3. Create these cute Easter Mason Jars. Decorate my mantel for Spring.
  4. Make some Bunny Bait with the littles.
  5. Sport some bunny ears to look the part.
  6. Dye our Easter Eggs. Kool-Aid. Shaving Cream. Temporary Tattoos.
  7. Cook & Eat – Empty Tomb Rolls – Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding – Glazed Easter Ham – Garlic Green Beans – Easy Homemade Mac and Cheese – Dinner Rolls
  8. A Light Ray Cross and Adorable Easter Chicks craft with the littles.
  9. Do some Easter themed schoolwork! – Preschool Egg Hunt – Sight Word Color Sheets – Cursive Handwriting Practice – Handwriting Practice – Addition – Syllable Worksheet
  10. Then after our Good Friday service, cooking, dying, creating, working, church, and Easter feast we will have our Easter egg hunt! Tips found here.

Hope you can get some ideas to plan your Easter!


April Walker

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