The Weekly 4/7

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Rileigh 9 years

photo 1

Autumn Pearl 18 months

photo 2 copy

Jett 6 years

photo 3 copy

and me a.k.a. mom

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles
* I love this post by Tara Lynn on how she stocked her fridge with tons of healthy foods!
*Reading is one of my favorite hobbies so this list of 100 amazing books thrills me!
*How cute is this idea for your littles? Summer fun with chalk!
*We will soon be planting a garden and this tip on using dried banana peels to fertilize the plants will be very helpful. Also, this post on “manscaping” shares the tip of newspaper to prevent weeds.
*What!? This is neat! A grocery shopping professional supply.
*I love this shop and want to get some of the dresses!
*Fun free science notebook templates!!

3 Things About Me
*I know HTML + CSS web coding. I actually taught myself to help Rhett with his marketing when he was first starting out. Then I actually loved it.
*I dye my hair often.
*I am considering getting chickens!!

Inspiring Me This Week
This healthy mom blogger is inspiring me this week to workout more and eat healthier! She offers a bikini body challenge, which with summer right around the corner, is much-needed!

Have a great week!


April Walker

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