Currently Learning…

currently learning

1st Grade Reading

We have been studying these picture flash cards and sight word flash cards. We use early readers everyday to encourage independent reading!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 9

3rd Grade Reading

Rileigh just started “Dogs in the Dead of Night” from the Magic Tree House series. She also is doing some reading comprehension worksheets on animals.

photo 5 copy

photo 8

1st Grade and 3rd Grade Phonics

We have been working through this Phonics Pathways book I found on amazon for cheap. I love it! It breaks down every phonics rule with game ideas. I have seen improvement with both of my kids.

photo 3 copy

Jett (1st) has been doing these daily phonics worksheets and they are great to help review lessons we have already learned!

photo 4

Health and Geography

We are currently reading this health book.

photo 5

Their Meme¬†recently bought us a new kids Atlas and we can’t wait to start working our way through it!

photo 6


And their Nana recently bought this doodle book we are going to use for art!

photo 7

1st Grade Math

Jett is learning place value using with money. Here is a fun activity to do.



3rd Grade Math

Rileigh is learning division. Here is an anchor chart. Some recommended books for teaching division!

photo math

photo 2 copy


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