DIY Spring Photos

I was wanting some photos of my babies together now that Miss Autumn Pearl is bigger but I wanted to see what I could do on my own. I love creative projects and photoshop does magic on photos that makes up for poor photography skills and equipment. I picked a sunny day because outdoor photos have great natural light. Then dressed my littles up and sent them outside. Our yard is full of wild flowers and spring blooms which make awesome scenery. I used my little Canon Power Shot camera and took photos from all kinds of angles. Then did my photoshop magic and “TA-DA!”, I now have some spring photos  of my babies!

The photoshop magic is simple touch-ups and experimenting with different actions!



IMG_1780 copy



IMG_1785 copy

IMG_1791 copy

IMG_1792 copy


IMG_1800 copy

IMG_1805 copy


April Walker

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