The Weekly 4/22

Hope you all had a great Easter! Our’s was perfect. We spent the past week at the ballpark. Then our weekend consisted of church services, Easter egg hunts, and family fun outdoors.


Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles
*I love a good salad.
*We are about to start studying fractions in math! Here are some ideas! M & M activity, Vocabulary Posters, Pizza Fractions, Equal Parts Worksheet, and a Fraction Clock.
*My workouts are done at home with my treadmill and some free weights. Here are 3 great treadmill workouts.
*I LOVE this hair color and style!!
*Someone please find me a super market sign! And this rug!!!

3 Things About Me
*My grandparents own a farm. So I spent many weekends and summers riding four wheelers in fields, fishing, camping, picking cotton, shooting targets, and other farm life activities.
*I am from Augusta, Ga.
*I went to a science and health magnet high school. If needed I can draw blood, centrifuge it, and do a white blood cell count.

Inspiring Me This Week
Spring blooms, birds, and bunnies have all become present the past couple of weeks in our yard. It is so refreshing to see so much life after a very cold winter. I am feeling creative and ready to take on new projects! 

Have a great week!


April Walker

4 thoughts on “The Weekly 4/22

  1. Great looking family! Spring is here, and it’s awesome. 🙂 Your science background will come in handy with teaching your kids, especially when they reach the high school years.

  2. Ok, it’s really great to see someone homeschool their children. I was homeschooled (I graduated high school almost 2 years ago..) and I loved it! Also, on a more random note, you look so very young!

    1. Thanks! Glad you loved it. Homeschooling is a great fit for our family and we love it as well! Yes, we are pretty young (28) but my kids being almost as tall as me probably makes it look as lot worse! 🙂

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