What does it mean to me, to be a mom?


This is my 9th year celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom. I still am in awe at how God truly knows the desires of our hearts. As I have shared before, I never had a season in my life where I desired motherhood. Most women experience a planning time in their life where they anticipate starting a family. I skipped a huge chunk of this milestone. I went from a high school graduate to a mom in the same year. In that time, it seemed like the worst path for me to be on. Most that witnessed my transition would agree, I was as uneducated in pregnancy and being a mom as possible. But God knows what he is doing.

I slowly adapted to my new role. Each day was a new lesson learned. As with anything we do, its experience that aids our growth in life. My growth as a mom continues to expand daily. I see things differently, learn new tricks, grow more patient, and make mistakes.

Perfection is not my goal in motherhood. That would be nice, but reality makes that an obvious impossibility. My ultimate goal as the mother of my children is love. If everything I do is in love and shows God’s love then I am at ease with my ability as a mom. And when I fail, as I do often, it is my love for them that makes me try.

Many see their parenting positions as a job or obligation. It is often survival mode that get us through the day-to-day, but sometimes it’s empowering if we step back and look at the bigger picture.

We created life. A living person that has a specific role to fulfill in our world. Wether their future is long, short, to your standards or not they have a future. They have their own free will, personality, and are responsible for their own decisions and actions. Our role as a mom is to influence, guide, and teach lessons that will inform them to use the free will God gave them well. In order to do this, it requires a relationship between yourself and your child. This should be our focus. Not on the dos and don’ts quite as much as we do, but the bond. Your influence as a role model is the primary lesson your child will receive. I am not preaching friendship, as we all know the line is drawn, but love. If there is love then your dos and don’ts are heard a lot more.

I can’t compare my life with kids to life without them because I never had an adult life without them. But I couldn’t imagine not having them. My life is full. My heart is full.

The love of a child is so pure and real. I pray that all mothers take time to sit in that love this Mother’s Day. Feel the power behind your ability to create laughter, joy, and fulfillment in your children’s lives.


Hope you have Happy Mother’s Day!


April Walker

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