Empty Nest Mamas


Today I thought I’d address the mom’s of children who are grown and out of the house. I can imagine your new freedoms of an empty nest are refreshing. But it is probably often lonely and scary. After years of the static noise children create the silence is new and new can be intimidating.

My hope for you is for you to revel in a job well done. You did it! You have raised a child(ren). New mom’s see that as the impossible on most days so you should realize to some you have done the impossible. You deserve to invest time on yourself, so catch up on that bucket list to celebrate!

As a grown-up child myself, I speak for us all who hang on to our childhood memories with pride. You have instilled so many happy thoughts in each of us. The feeling of a mother’s security and love never fades. We will always need to know it’s a simple phone call away to get the reassurance of our mamas.

I always feel better after a good vent to my mama. It’s an unexplainable, safe place no one can replicate. Mothers provide a sense of unconditional love. Even in disagreement, you always know your mom will be there and be supportive. No judgements, no need to impress them, and no embarrassments are involved. This type of relationship is worthy of honor more than we are capable of giving.

We will start with acknowledging you as the professionals you are in the field of motherhood. We will seek your wisdom and appreciate the years you have given to another. This Mother’s Day know that mother’s everywhere are in awe of you. We are thankful beyond words can express. But we will say it anyways, Thank you…

Happy Mother’s Day.

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 11.50.37 AM


April Walker

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