Our Life in Photos – Week 7

For my birthday (May 18th) the Mr. surprised me with a new camera. It’s a Canon Rebel 400D. I am apologizing in advanced for the photo overload that will be taking place on my blog. It’s highly addicting. Happy 28th Birthday to me!


IMG_8715 copy

IMG_8748 copy

IMG_8744 copy

IMG_8785 copy

IMG_8788 copy

IMG_8789 copy

IMG_8800 copy

IMG_8836 copy

IMG_8851 copy

IMG_8857 copy

IMG_8863 copy

IMG_8865 copy

IMG_8873 copy

IMG_8878 copy

IMG_8885 copy

IMG_8886 copy

IMG_8889 copy

IMG_8891 copy

IMG_8899 copy

IMG_8921 copy

IMG_8926 copy

IMG_8939 copy

IMG_8943 copy



April Walker

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