Why I will never complain about picking up after my husband


I can’t tell you how many coats I have hung up, shoes I have put away, clothes put in the hamper, and dirty dishes in the dishwasher that belong to my better half. Many times I sigh in frustration or complain in bitterness. Being a mom to 3, I spend the majority of my day picking up after someone so when I come across another misplaced belonging it’s only natural for me to reach my limit at times.

Recently, I have had such a time. My neat-freak tendencies got the best of me and I lost my cool. With patience worn thin, I quickly expressed my inconvenience with a not so kind demeanor.

My husband’s response left me in awe.

He simply said, “Hun, do you know why my stuff is usually left at the back door when I come in?”

I said, “No.” in complete confusion as to how there could possibly be a justified explanation.

He responded, “It’s because as soon as I enter the door I am immediately picking up our babies that are wrapped around my legs anticipating their ‘I missed you’ hug.”

I couldn’t argue that. What more could I want from the father of my children?

He then said, “And the reason I never go back to put it up after they are in bed is because I anticipate my evening with you all day. Once that time arrives, I don’t want to waist a moment of it cleaning when we could be talking, watching TV, or whatever you want to do.”

When everything is said and done I want to know I have made the most of my time. A clean house is only a temporary joy of mine. If something must be sacrificed, I’d much rather sacrifice the clean house instead of memories with my babies and husband.

Now that my friends, is why I will never complain about picking up after my husband again. Instead I will learn from his example and choose how I spend my time wisely.

April Walker

One thought on “Why I will never complain about picking up after my husband

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