Jett’s Nerf War Party


Jett is a boy. He is all boy. He loves guns, camo, wrestling, outdoors, and getting dirty. So, for his 7th birthday party we had a Nerf War. I designed the invites above. Then we painted some boxes with camo colors. I made some yummy camo cupcakes. Using a laundry detergent tub, I made an ammo box. We used simple decorations from the dollar store. Rhett used an old pallet to make a barricade for them to hide behind. I put duck blinds over a baby gate, soccer goal, and the spray painted boxes for them to also hide behind. We bought a pinata from Walmart because all little boys like to destroy things with a baseball bat. Then we had an awesome birthday party with our friends.


IMG_9209 copy


IMG_9224 copy

IMG_9226 copy

IMG_9292 copy


IMG_9281 copy


IMG_9266 copy

IMG_9300 copy

IMG_9307 copy


IMG_9319 copy


IMG_9344 copy

IMG_9366 copy

IMG_9377 copy

IMG_9379 copy

IMG_9384 copy


IMG_9399 copy

IMG_9400 copy

IMG_9443 copy

IMG_9452 copy

Happy Birthday Jett!


April Walker

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