Autumn Pearl at 19 months

IMG_9571 copy

IMG_9575 copy

**update: notice her legs in the picture above, she tried to give herself tattoos with markers and a sharpie. she also gave herself a third eyebrow with the sharpie. her big sister was famous for doing this**

Miss Autumn Pearl is such a big girl now. She loves nothing more than dancing in the back seat with her siblings. She loves brushing her teeth. She thinks every child is a “baby” and tells us to “shhh” because the baby is sleeping. She says “apple” for open. And she also says “apple” for grapes, lemons, strawberries, and every other fruit. She calls cups “wa-r-ba-les” aka water bottles. She uses “hey!” to show almost every emotion. She asks to watch “e-v” (TV) and to walk, no more carrying her.

If you ask her something she always says “no”. It was “yaaa” for the longest time.

Like yesterday, she had a box of raisins she was eating and Rhett said “Are you eating raisins?” every time she said “nooooo”, in a long southern drawl. If you ask anyone a question she answers because in her world everything revolves around her.

She has never liked to be rocked to bed. I always had to just lay her down. But last night while changing her diaper, I asked if she was ready to go night-night and she looked at me and said “wock” while pointing at the barely used rocking chair. I scooped her up quickly before she had a chance to change her mind and she let me rock her while she laid her head on my chest. I am glad to know she still needs our mommy/baby time just as much as I do.

Her independence is getting too much for this mama. I hope to hold on to these little moments for as long as I can. I look forward to being a witness of her development as a young lady but as of now I am keeping her as my gap-toothed, crooked smile, chunky cheek, baby girl for as long as she will let me.

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IMG_9483 copy

IMG_9468 copy

IMG_9472 copy



April Walker

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