School is out for Summer!

Our official homeschooling is on hold until the Fall and we are finding plenty to do during our free time! We are still learning but not the kind my kids classify as school. I’m sneaky and try to teach without them knowing it.

The Mr. helped them make homemade ice cream. I helped them eat it, it was delicious!


Rainy days have consisted of reading books, drawing, board games, and forts! Here is Miss Autumn’s attempt at a fort. At least she gets the idea.

IMG_9564 copy

We have had many swimming days with friends. One of the houses we recently visited for some water fun had pet zebras and donkeys! We got to feed them some bread and leftover pizza before we left. My kids went home asking when we were going to get a pet zebra.

IMG_9599 copy

IMG_9611 copy

IMG_9593 copy

IMG_9612 copy

Recently, we attempted to go to Gatlinburg, TN for a 3 day vacation. We drove down, spent 3 hours in a water park and Autumn Pearl started getting sick. As parents, we were forced to make the decision on if she was sick or was it just car sickness/exhaustion? We decided she must be sick and we should leave while we could. Turns out there was a stomach bug going around at our church and we made a great decision. The big kids were sad but they pulled through for their baby sister. They didn’t complain and jumped right in helping take care of her. I’m so proud of them. We will make another attempt before the summer is over.

How is your summer going?


April Walker

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