I’ve heard these are the best of times…

 I’ve been asked to participate in the Family Fanatics challenge, inspired by Fanatics.com, to share what sports mean to our family.

Fanatics is the top online retailer of sports merchandise – whether you’re looking for the jersey of your favorite NBA player or the hat of your favorite MLB team, they’ve got it all.

With the end of the Spring baseball season finally here, comes the relief from being so busy and the sadness that it is over. We have spent every week at the ballpark the past couple of months and it’s been a blast. We met new friends, cheered on our Bubba and Sissy, improved greatly, and spent a lot of quality time outside together as a family.

I fully get why families as a whole love recreational sports. It’s something for them to bond over. With very few opportunities for bonding in today’s busy culture recreational sports provide that much-needed breath of fresh air.

IMG_9774 copy

IMG_9776 copy

Jett made the All Star team this year! We are so proud of him! He is already practicing for his dream position as a pitcher. We even taped a square on the bricks outside for him to use as a target.

IMG_9719 copy

IMG_9721 copy


This was Rileigh’s first year ever playing and I think she is hooked! I am so proud of how quickly she learned and developed as a player. We have already signed up for Fall ball!

IMG_9834 copy

IMG_9837 copy


April Walker

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