Our Little Copycat

Miss Autumn Pearl has become quite the copycat lately. Down to the way the big kids stand or talk she is always close by watching and learning. She loves when she gets included. Her siblings are so kind to her and show so much patience. They understand she is slower and often in the way but they still allow her to be their little sidekick. I am so proud of the compassion my kids show each other.

She expects Bubba and Sissy to always be together. They usually are. So even when she speaks about one it’s “Bub an Sissy?”. It’s always in question form too, like she’s not sure if she is saying it right.

When she sees a picture of them, her face lights up. She thinks Rileigh is her second mama. Riles can put her to sleep and she doesn’t cry. She loves to crawl up beside her Bubba and watch him play his ipad.

She wrestles and plays cars like her Bubba. She draws and dances like her Sissy.

Check out Rileigh and Autumn’s little top knot pig tails in the pics below… So sweet.



Below she is wrestling Jett. From the looks of it she thinks she is winning!

IMG_9667 copy

Riles made a babydoll using paper, rocks, and fabric the other day. This is what she does often to pass the time. Random crafts with whatever she finds lying around. I love that at 9 years old she still embraces her imagination!

Speaking of the little copycat, look who photo-bombed Rileigh’s photo.

IMG_9841 copy


April Walker

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