Potty mouths are the least of our worries.

I have come to the realization in my 9 years of parenting that a child with a potty mouth will quickly learn the taste of soap or vinegar in most suburban family homes. The definition of a potty mouth is left up for interpretation per family but it usually consists of curse words, derogatory words, and anything referring to ones bathroom habits.

This is an important lesson children should learn.

But I feel as though we are teaching them that only the words itself are bad. They never comprehend the message and emotions behind the words are even worse.

A child can be a complete bully to another without muttering any of these censored words and never be punished. Attitude and disrespectful behavior are so much deeper than the words themselves. Until we explain the emotions and feelings their words are capable of, the child will continue to hurt others without realizing they even broke a rule.

Whining, complaining, talking back, and other rude statements cause harm more often than a child saying a four letter word for the shock factor. Yet we continue to not notice. Or if we do we don’t take the effort to change it.

Sometimes even the lack of words can be just as much of a potty mouth. Disrespect for our elders is never admirable. Along with the lack of thank you and common courtesy words.

We need to teach our children how to love and show love without reason.

We do this by showing them love ourselves. They are following our lead.

Apologizing to them when you are wrong, caring for them without complaint, building them up with your words, and respecting their feelings are all ways to teach your children how to love others. This is so much deeper of a lesson than not saying a curse word.

It’s time we get past the surface of parenting and teach the good stuff. 


April Walker

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