Finding the Gray Area

Now that social media has connected the world, we all like to express our opinions, beliefs, and ideas. This has caused a rise in debates and discussions on any topic imaginable. Freedom of speech is good and discussions lead to new ideas and growth. But not everyone is skilled in every area. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I would never offer an opinion on a subject I do not feel comfortable in. But so often many do.

We read a lot of blogs and hear a lot of self-declared truths. We must be wise enough not to jump when someone says jump.

Recently there has been a lot of controversy regarding Christian issues. (ex. Noah movie, Gungor, Chic-fil-a, Duck Dynasty, I could go on..) I am not using this blog to state my opinion on any of these topics because they are my personal beliefs and convictions that would serve you no purpose in hearing. My intention is to, bring attention to the fact, that as Christians we often tend to stand in unity on very public issues without ever fully understanding it.

I love that Christians understand the purpose of brotherhood and create a voice for God’s kingdom. But many are just trusting what they have heard or they are just creating ideas to fit their own identity of what it should be. I am aware that this discernment is a lot easier said then done. But that is kind of my point.

As a child, we are given rules. Do not do this. Do this. These rules are easy to follow and there is no room for confusion. As adults, we often continue to expect black and white answers for everything. Sometimes it is not that simple. Sometimes it is ok not to know the answer and it is ok not to know the answer in entirety. It takes more wisdom to question a “truth” and patiently find discovery as it is presented than to want answers so bad you force them into being.

Christianity is complex because everything is not black and white rules. There is a lot left for interpretation. The Bible is the closest Christianity has to a rulebook but it is still written in a way that leads to debate and discussion. I am ok with these debates taking place but with a permanent 24 hour platform for these to take place, we are transitioning from a healthy debate to judgmental finger-pointing.

I hope that somehow we can find peace with someone not having the same opinion as the other. I hope that we can learn to function outside of differences.

I think that this would be a lot easier if we formed ideas from hearing all perspectives. And being ok with answers in the gray…

It doesn’t always have to be this or that. Sometimes it might be both. Sometimes it might be neither.

We need to develop a firm foundation in our thoughts while always being open-minded to change.  If you think you are 100% enlightened then wisdom has hit its peak. We all want wisdom but then never reach for it. Questions are ok and when they arise it is a chance for new discovery. Do not close yourself off to growth because you are uncomfortable in the gray area.


April Walker

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