Secretly using Karaoke to improve reading skills

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In a musician’s household music is involved in almost all that we do, so why not learning? My kids love to learn new songs to sing for friends and family. As a mom with many things to do, I used to get frustrated when they would ask for printouts of lyrics or to see karaoke videos of their favorite songs. Now I have learned to use it to our advantage.

When they have a song request, I print the lyrics and find a video for them to sing along with immediately! I do this because I noticed their vocabulary, reading, creativity, pronunciation, comprehension, and so much more improving from our little karaoke sessions! I highly recommend this style of reading practice for high energy kids. My son is a busy body and doesn’t enjoy reading at all! It was such a chore to get him to sit down and read to me. With the music, he thinks he is just singing to me and doesn’t realize he is reading words way too difficult for him.

IMG_1125 copy

I try to let them pick songs that they are interested in and that challenge them vocally.IMG_1134 copy

Here are some of our favorite songs to sing along to:

Let me know if you try it and how it goes!!


April Walker

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