Not All Homeschoolers are “Homeschoolers”

Good morning! 

Today I thought I’d address one of the issues that initially made me hesitate with homeschooling our littles. I am going to be truthful with my thoughts so please do not take offense. I want to give an honest opinion on our journey with homeschooling and offer an experienced perspective.

I am the product of the public school system and I think that I turned out ok. I don’t have any traumatic experiences to share and my education has seemed to get me this far in life. With that said, I naturally assumed I would be giving my kids the same or similar education I had. My husband is a mutt, developed with a little homeschooling and public education. I guess he is ok as well. *said with a smirk because I clearly realize his awesomeness*

When my husband addressed the issue of homeschooling right out of the gate, it is an understatement to say I was flabbergasted. I never planned to stay home with my kids, yet alone teach them everything they need for a successful future. The thought of all that pressure and work seemed pointless when there is a free system set up to take care of it for me. I had heard of “homeschoolers” and the things that I knew did not help persuade me that this would be a good decision for our kids. Awkward, nerdy, socially deprived, and immature are some of the descriptions I had come to know as a home schooled child. That is not the start I wanted for my kids.

Well, I won and Riles was enrolled in K5 at the elementary school our government had set up for us. She was thrilled and so was I! School started and we immediately noticed changes in attitude. She began asking questions on issues that we did not believe she was ready for. She started to show signs of insecurity and placed unnecessary value in the opinion’s of others. There wasn’t one thing that changed our mind. The issues are normal and happen to every child at some point but we just felt it was too soon. Her innocent perspective on life was not something I wanted to hand over to be developed by someone else. I had worked too hard for them to screw it up. lol. Please know though that this doesn’t place one education above the other. I still consider public school and one day it might be what fits us. We all just have to make the best decisions we can for the situation.

But.. back to the point. 

5 years later. 

I have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader. Both are home-schooled. 

My fears of having awkward, unsocialized children are at rest. Yes, there are a select few children that shy away from conversation, rely on parents for every decision, and can’t keep up with the culture’s fashion choices that are homeschooled. But there are also independent, talented, and fashionable kids with the ability to converse with all ages.

Just like in traditional school, there are cool and uncool kids. Kids learn by example. If the parents teaching the kids aren’t socially awkward then the kids should develop in the same manner. 

Here are our school pictures. I know you can’t see the compassion for others, independence, and confidence by looking at the pictures but trust me when I say it’s there. I know you don’t hear all of the funny jokes, sarcasm, and witty remarks my deprived home-schoolers say but I promise you would laugh hysterically. Their ability to make friends, be respectful, and lead are not in the picture either but once again it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

My children have made me proud. They are exactly how I had hoped they would be.

Even though they are home-schooled…


Riles – 9 years old – 4th grade – Homeschooler


Jett – 7 years old – 2nd grader – Homeschooler


April Walker

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