5 Ideas to Make Memories with your Spouse


With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I’d encourage all of my love-bug friends to plan a date night with your spouse. Now, if you hold off ’til V-day then great, but if you’re antsy about one on one time then go for it ASAP. You can never have enough time to create memories with your special someone.

Here is a list of some ideas that are simple but create memories.

1. Games. We love to play games. We are complete dorks with our nightly routine of playing Farkle. It’s a dice game and we don’t even know if we are playing it right. But we have fun trying! Darts, pool, shuffle board, rummy, and wheel of fortune are some of our go-tos.

2. Music. We are so cheesy, I know, but reminiscing on your favorite music over the years brings back so many good memories. All it takes is a bluetooth speaker and Spotify. Then you sing along and talk about the good old days!

3. TV Series. We have watched numerous tv shows from start to finish together. It’s to the point we refer to times in our marriage by what series we were on. Such as we will never forget being in our Charlotte apartment watching the season finale of Lost. Or our seminary housing in Raleigh watching Heros and Entourage.

4. A Fire pit. Buy an outdoor fireplace or make one! It is so romantic to sit by a fire and talk. Communication is key for a marriage. Time for that is hard to find but when you light that fire you are making a deliberate attempt to set aside time to talk. Most of the dreams we have for our family were made sitting around a fire.

5. Dinner and Drinks. There is nothing more fun than cooking a good dinner together and enjoying it with a cocktail. We love to try new things together! Recently we discovered a love for jalapeno infused cocktails. YUM!

The great thing about these ideas are that they can be mixed and matched to make amazing date nights. They step out of the cliche movie that doesn’t allow for much interaction. We seriously do one of these things every night my husband is home. I guess the nights spent apart make us value our time together that much more. I hope you are able to find ways to have fun with your spouse too!


April Walker

2 thoughts on “5 Ideas to Make Memories with your Spouse

  1. With two teens and three jobs between us, it can be difficult to find time to spend together. A couple of years ago we started doing a weekly “date night.” It’s just the two of us and we do whatever we want (or can afford, lol). Sometimes it’s dinner out which ranges from a nice restaurant to sitting in the car at Sonic eating and talking. When he was out of work and money was really tight, I’d make sandwiches and we’d sit at a table in the park, eat our sandwiches and play Scrabble while we talked. The activity isn’t the key; it’s that time together where each of you is letting the other know that your relationship is worth the work it takes to keep it going strong.

    1. Yay! So glad that yall make time together a priority regardless of circumstances! 3 Jobs and 2 teens, bless your heart! Love the idea of Sonic and the park! I’m all about the casual dates because they seem to bring the most intimate conversations.

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