Do you wanna build a snowman??

The Art of Teaching,
Is the Art of Assisting Discovery.
-Mark Van Doren

Tennessee got some snow this weekend! It was a pleasant surprise for the littles to wake up to a gorgeous winter day. The Mr. was still away which was unfortunate but we made the best memories we could without him.

It was Autumn’s first snow. I woke her up telling her I had a surprise for her. When I showed her the snow she was so confused. I seriously think, that she thinks, I put all the snow on the ground to surprise her. If only I was that awesome. lol. It took her a minute to gather her courage, but she finally ventured out with Bubba and Sissy to play. She even held a tiny snowball. For the most part though she kept her hands tucked away in her pockets for warmth and observed the craziness of her siblings attempts at building a snowman.

Play is the highest form of research.
-Albert Einstein

IMG_1385 copy

IMG_1397 copy

IMG_1401 copy

IMG_1412 copy

IMG_1407 copy

IMG_1413 copy

IMG_1424 copy IMG_1428 copy IMG_1435 copy

IMG_1460 copy IMG_1474 copy IMG_1476 copy

IMG_1445 copy IMG_1483 copy

IMG_1486 copy IMG_1481 copy


April Walker

One thought on “Do you wanna build a snowman??

  1. Hello April!!
    I would like to order customized invitations for my son’s nerf party. Here is my email- If you could call me, I would rather prefer that since I do not have time to check email very often. My number is 678-431-5863. Thanks so much!!
    Kindly, Trollie

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