Take a chill pill.. or just read this pretty print.

Lately I have been truly trying to capture my thoughts. It is easy to lose sight of the joys and blessings when you focus on all of the struggles, to-do’s and stresses of life. Anxiety is no joke and pretty much everyone has moments they struggle with it. Being a bit of a control freak makes it difficult for me to just sit in the moment. I decided I needed a reminder to who is really in control. I made this print artwork and printed it on card stock to put in a frame I had around the house. I put it on our mantel so I am forced to see it numerous times a day. It is nice to be so caught up in the roles I play and then with a simple glance be calmed by the fact there is someone so much bigger than me. This verse just says to me “April, shut up, sit down, I am God.” lol – Because sometimes this mama needs to be told to chill. It’s really nice to hand it all over to Him.

If you need to be reminded to chill, print one for yourself. Just click and enlarge and print. It is an 8×10.


xoxo – April Walker

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