Hi friends,

I’ve started this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and creativity. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I promise to share the typical stuff at the bottom of this post but let me start with explaining some of the methods behind my thoughts.

My passions for living life include thinking beyond what is expected, embracing individuality, and doing things with a purpose. What does that mean exactly? How and why I do what I do all stem from living life influenced by these 3 things. Let me explain.

Thinking beyond what is expected. Call it OCD, type 1 ennegram, or being over the top but I like to push limits. Everyone sees the obvious solutions, everyone runs with their first thoughts, everyone does the same thing everyone else does. Except for a few. I bet you can think of some names off the top of your head that you feel think a little differently. I try to encourage myself and those around me to take the next steps and ask the hard questions, try something new, and create our own ideas.

Embracing individuality. God gave each of us unique gifts, talents, and minds. As a homeschooling mom, I try to find and embrace these things that make us special (aka weird). Our differences can fill the world with beauty. Instead of forcing conformity I try to encourage nurturing of what makes others special. At times that means acknowledging what we are not so that we can be who we are.

Doing things with a purpose. We are only given one life. The time we have to make our influence and create a voice in this world are limited. Everything we do whether it be resting or teaching has purpose. Being aware of why we do things greatly changes the impact the things we do will have. Doing too much or too little can be answered and prioritized with a simple reflection of why are you doing it.

Using these 3 thoughts for life, I mold ideas and choices to follow God’s path for my family and myself.

Now for the survey answers. I’ve been married to my high school sweet heart, Rhett Walker, for 16 years now. We had a crazy beginning (2004) that includes a teen pregnancy, a shotgun wedding, a pastor’s son reputation, and boxed hair color gone wrong. All are stories for another time. Fast forward a few years (2007), we naively expanded our family to have 2 kids and moved 7 hours away from home to pursue music. Years later (2020) we now have 4 kids whom I homeschool, we’ve moved back home and my husband is a professional musician. I am a (currently retired) graphic and web designer. I have homeschooled for over 10 years. My children are in grades 10th, 8th, 2nd, and a toddler.

What will I post in this little corner of the internet? I am not sure. I just feel led to speak up. I am assuming it will mostly be about being a godly wife, homeschooling mother, and creative personality.

I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully making a positive influence on others either by sharing my failures or showing my wins.

with much love,

April Walker

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