Curriculum Choices 2020-2021

I figured the best way to introduce our homeschool is to share what we are learning this year. After 10+ years of homeschooling, I still love picking out and getting new curriculum. There are so many options and styles out there it can be overwhelming in the beginning years. Now that I’ve done it awhile, I know what to look for and what works for us. When making your decisions, don’t become anxious just be open to trying something and then changing it as needed.

For my 10th grader and 8th grader: I purposely let my 10th grader do electives, health and government her freshman year, instead of Algebra and Biology so that I could teach them together when she is in 10th and him in 8th. This way I only teach it once and they both get high school credits.

High School Science, Biology: I am using Apologia Biology for Rileigh (10th) and Jett (8th). We bought the textbook, student notebook, flashcards, and tests. I also purchased the Vimeo videos that go along with it for further explanations. We have used Apologia in the past and its my go to for middle and high school science. I teach this to them currently but my goal is for them to work independently. Once they are familiar with what I expect from them for each module I will give them the opportunity to do the modules alone.

High School Math, Algebra 1 and 2: I choose VideoText Algebra which combines pre-algebra, algebra 1 and algebra 2 in one curriculum. This is our first year using it and we all really enjoy it. Your child will get 3 high school math credits for this. I’m planning to do the Geometry course next. I watch the video with them and pause to further explain it. Then they independently do the odd problems. They grade the problems themselves and if they didn’t understand something we work it out together. If they struggled overall, they do the even problems.

High School Spanish I: This was the hardest decision for me. I did not take Spanish in high school. I took Latin. All languages seemed overwhelming to try and teach. I finally choose to use Monarch with Alpha Omega. We purchased the individual class subscription for both of them to take the class online. I do it alongside them so I can learn and help as needed. We supplement this with the Babbel app. So far we are liking this but it is still one of the classes I’m intimidated with since I am fully relying on the curriculum. Monarch was the curriculum I used when I worked full-time since everything is learned independently online, graded and is affordable.

Family Style History: I teach history as a large group for all of my kids. We use The Good and The Beautiful History year 1 for my 10th, 8th and 2nd grade kids. The student binders you download off of the website are broken down by age level. For example, my youngest does a coloring sheet, my 8th grader does map work, and my 10th grader does an essay all on the same lesson. I’ve really enjoyed the activities and stories along with it. We do the recommended optional readers during seasons we aren’t too busy. Sometimes I pick a different reader that we want from a different subject instead.

For high school credits they will receive: .5 US History, .5 World History.

10th Grade Language Arts, Geography, and Art: I use The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts High School 1 set for my oldest. She has finished 1 unit and loves it. What I love most about TGTB curriculum is that it covers so many subjects. Geography, art, spelling, grammar, writing, and literature are all included in each level. It will give her the following high school credits:

  • 1 credit of English Literature, Language, and Composition
  • ½ credit of art history and art instruction
  • ½ credit of geography

8th grade Language Arts, Geography, and Art: Since The Good and The Beautiful doesn’t offer an 8th grade level I am doubling up on some of the level 7 lessons from last year just to make sure we get the most out of it. Then I plan to start the Level 8 Book Study on Abraham Lincoln and Creative Writing.

2nd grade Language Arts, Geography, and Art: I use The Good and the Beautiful and we love it. We have done levels K-1 already and she does really good with it. Like I mentioned above, I love that spelling, grammar, phonics, reading, art and geography are all combined in this curriculum. It prevents me from buying a lot of other resources. Also, this curriculum can be downloaded for FREE. You just need to buy a binder and print it out as needed. They do sell hard copies but are ofter sold out due to high demand so buy ahead if you see them available.

2nd Grade Math: I use The Good and The Beautiful for 2nd grade math as well. I’m not sure if its working as good as it was last year. I feel like I might need something more to the point, instead of the stories. She is struggling to stay focused.

2nd Grade Science: Autumn, my 2nd grader, joins us for as much as possible in the High School Biology for her science. I supplement using ABC Mouse, super teacher worksheets, and brainpopjr for her science lessons. We often do these waiting on brother and sister to finish sports practice. Two hours sitting in the car is the perfect time to use educational apps for lessons.

There is no right or wrong choice when choosing a curriculum. It will vary from family to family and student to student. Seasons change and so do learning styles. Be open to trying something new! Hopefully this insight will let you peek into what our choices are and if they might work for you! Praying you all have a blessed homeschool year!

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