About Mama Walker


My name is April Walker. I grew up in Augusta, GA as a typical all-american girl. At 18 I met the love of my life, Rhett Walker. He was gorgeous and charming and won my heart from the moment we met. We have been married for 10 years now. (After dating for only a few short months and finding out we were expecting a child and getting married within 3 weeks of that discovery.)

We have 3 beautiful children Rileigh, Jett, and Autumn Pearl. Their ages are 10, 7, and 2. I currently home school them while working from home as a graphic and web designer. Our schooling doesn’t look anything like traditional school but we find creative ways to learn from home. Entertaining my toddler and our puppy while we study are the most challenging roles EVER. lol. I love having a part in who my babies will become and I am thankful for the opportunity to homeschool.

Since our second year of marriage we have moved numerous times living in cities all along the southeast in pursuit of God’s path for our life. We are currently living in Nashville, Tn. Technically, we live in a small town outside of the city. We love our small town Lebanon, TN.

My life as a musician’s wife is crazy sometimes but we make it work! I hope to share some of our stories along the way. We are crazy in love and can be obnoxious about it. Not gonna apologize for it. We worked our butts off to get here. If anything I hope to share some insight into how we got to this point in our marriage. I hope that our story can inspire others to not give up on their marriage or situation as bad as it may seem.

I spend my days reading, teaching, doing creative projects, and drinking a lot of coffee. I tend to blog about homeschooling, motherhood, marriage, and whatever else is currently on my heart.

I have blogged since 2008 off and on as it fit into my crazy schedule. I look forward to the community and discussions that blogging can bring so don’t be shy! Thanks for stopping by!

April Walker

2 thoughts on “About Mama Walker

  1. Me and my husband Travis are RWB. fans . I stumbled upon this blog because Rhett had posted your letter of apology Loved it !! Awesome and inspiring words for all women to read. Look forward to reading more.

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