How to have a Successful Family

successful family

“The success of our family is determined by each one of us, not just one.”

This is one of the most important values we can bring into our homes.

Most families know how to succeed as a family if we each stick to our role and do not cross paths. We are branded with that image of family from our upbringing and that is what most of us know and are prepared to handle. Culture has evolved and family diversity has become more common but the traditional family structure is trying to find its place and know how to survive in today’s day.

Each family member has their individual role and typically we perform well within our area. The dad as the provider, the mom as the caregiver, and the children as students are the average, expected roles of the traditional American family.

It’s the times that paths cross or roles switch that we often find as a family we are confused or overwhelmed. No one teaches us unity as a family. We only know our own parts in the family unit.

So what does family unity look like?

When times get financially tight this should not fall as the fault of the provider, which in most cases is dad. If we are working together than anyone able should find a way to help provide as it’s suitable for their family. Dad shouldn’t feel shamed and guilted when he is struggling.

A child cannot be expected to work but they still have a vital role that many do not teach their children. Remaining supportive of the other family roles is a lesson everyone should be taught.

For example, my husband travels more than others to provide for our family. This means he misses out on a lot of family activities. Our job as his family is to send him off with encouragement and uplifting attitudes. If we were to complain about his absence and guilt him into staying his role will be compromised.

Sometimes we live selfishly in the moment even if it goes against the family we have built under the umbrella of unity. When it comes time for us to tell Rhett goodbye before he leaves we often want to beg him to stay. Although that is our desire in that moment our ultimate goal is to support him. We must think beyond our own desires at times and unite as a family.

When a mother is unable to care for others or her own personal care is in need the family should help carry her burden. Whatever task is needed each member should be ready to step in without complaint or questioning.

Children struggling with behavioral issues or learning development should be encouraged and helped. Discipline falls into the category of support for your children as well. I see many parents lacking in discipline, a necessity for well-developed children, because of a mind-set on themselves.

I have seen many families become competitive over their individual roles. Who does more, makes the most money, deserves more and is more important are issues brought up from living lives more apart than together.

No one person should feel alone in their role. When they become weak or fail they should know that there is a support system set up to help. We must see our family as a team in order to function and succeed as a family. Once we work together each individual role will excel as well!


April Walker 

2 thoughts on “How to have a Successful Family

  1. Ever since we listened to your guys story at Awaken in Clarksville, Tn. Our family has listened to your CD everywhere we go. We now live in Indianapolis, In. Our family is telling our new church about the impact that you have had on my 4 special needs adult children. I just wanted to tell you guys thank-you.

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