Chicken Coops, Frog Giggin’, & Sidewalk Chalk


The past couple of weeks have been very busy for our family. Warmer weather gets us outside playing, grilling, and working on new projects. One of our projects was building a chicken coop for our little hens.

We discovered two of the “hens” we bought are roosters!

Little Autumn Pearl still isn’t too sure of what she thinks of our chickens. It’s a hot and cold type relationship.


IMG_9147 copy

I am so thankful for this man’s hard work to build this coop for us! I love it!

IMG_9173 copy

IMG_9197 copy

IMG_9201 copy

Autumn loves to help get the “kickins” their water!

IMG_9132 copy

Also, Rhett’s been participating in the infamous sport of frog giggin’ and our son had his first experience cleaning frogs. He is a pro already. Riles decided it’s ok to miss out on some things.. She joined mama in the house away from all of the cleaning festivities.

IMG_9189 copy

Rileigh has been really into sidewalk chalk artwork lately. She has googled some of the awesome work from others and tried to replicate it. Here is an idea she came up with this past week. She did each square as a different design. She even got Jett and Rhett to help. I loved the end result. Well, except for all of the chalk footprints left all over my hardwood floors everyday!


IMG_9157 copy

IMG_9158 copy


April Walker

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