I’m Carrying Your Love With Me

Distance isn’t for the fearful;
It is for the bold;
It is for those who are willing
To spend a lot of time alone
In exchange for a little time with the one they love;
It is for those who know a good thing when they see it,
Even if they don’t see it nearly enough

-author unknown

Currently, the Mr. is in a big city somewhere. I honestly can’t keep up so I’d have to look it up to tell you exactly. He left last Wednesday. I know a week and 1/2 might not seem that bad to be away from someone. In all honesty, it isn’t compared to the 4-8 week tours.

But it is still time apart. 

It is amazing how much happens in a week without him. Jett lost a tooth. Riles lost a tooth. I potty trained Autumn. Jett got a haircut. I designed 2 invitations, 2 websites, 1 poster, 1 set of thank you stickers, and a brochure. We had 8 school days, 10 family dinners with the head of the table empty, 2 play dates and 3 get-togethers I attended solo. I can’t even count the intense conversations that come with raising kids that I had to attempt alone.

His side is no different. Business decisions, career highlights/downfalls, meetings, car problems, sightseeing, etc. all take place even though we are separated.

Life happens for both of us while we are apart. We both continue to grow and age. It would be so easy for us to end up on separate paths. To drift in different directions…

We consciously avoid that with the help of technology and a lot of effort. We share selfies daily. There is something about feeling connected and when you see the person everyday, you have a visual to hang on to. We text random texts throughout the day keeping one another updated. I record videos and pics of the kids while we do things so he gets to feel like he was there. He sends me pics of the venues, tourist attractions, and current situations he finds himself in. We talk every night at the same time we normally would if he was home. (after the kids are in bed)


We also keep in mind our purpose as a team, to succeed in providing for our family while doing what we feel called to do. I might not be the one out there on the road but without me it wouldn’t happen. I keep our home from falling apart while he is gone. I keep the kids healthy, happy, and developing. And obviously it wouldn’t happen without him. The sacrifices he makes to fulfill our dream are endless. He has to blindly enter situations that are intimidating to most people, myself included. His comfort levels are constantly tested with adjustments of a new place everyday. Our desire to homeschool our kids is possible because of his sacrifices. 

When you have a common goal or reason you will always feel connected and invested in one another. Even when we are miles away, our roles bring us together. I am supporting his part and he is supporting mine. We are a team. We are best friends. When you are vulnerable enough to depend on someone you connect in a way that is not broken by miles apart.

He will return to us in a few days and I am so thankful. I love having him home but I am thankful to have the opportunities we have also. Distance makes it harder if you let it but true love can handle it. It’s a choice to make it the best possible.



April Walker

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