Be Proud and Confident

Good morning.

Before I try to share whatever encouragement I can muster today, I thought I’d tell you a little more about us. I want you to understand the reality and not a false idea. Rhett and I are often misunderstood due to our livelihood. We are seen as way more special than we are. Not that I’m not special *wink, wink* but just not any more special than you.

I was a girl in a small town that married a boy from a small town. He sings pretty good so there birthed Rhett Walker. It’s really that simple. You might draw, cook, care for, create, fix cars, build, heal, teach, etc really great. So see, we are just the same. All special.

Now that we are all on equal ground, here is what I feel called to challenge you with this morning. God promises repeatedly that He is with us, He will carry us, He knows the plans for us, He will fight for us, and so much more. With this knowledge why do we struggle with so much insecurity?

Arrogance is often frowned upon because of the roots it is developed in. Money, status, career, beauty, and accomplishments can breed confidence in a negative way. My pastor is currently in a series discussing the foundations we build our life on and find our identity/role in. It got me thinking about the security in knowing you are building your life on the foundations of Christ. I know without a doubt where my faith is and the security I have in Christ. So therefore there isn’t much that I fear, shy away from, or worry about. It’s very freeing! I am led by the opinions of my Savior. According to him I am pretty awesome. As are you.

I realize this is a practiced faith that develops over time. Since that is the case, I challenge you to start being proud and confident today. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t give up on you. He is always there. With that how can you possibly find shame in anything? The perfect, flawless Creator created you perfectly.

Take huge leaps, smile with courage, and show the world your beauty. The world will not know what hit it if we all learn to hold our heads a little higher.



April Walker

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