The Weekly 5/31

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Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles
*Some great toddler meal ideas!
*These Matilda Jane style pants  for myself and my girls for $20!
*This yummy salad.
*A DIY for pottery barn jute placemats.

3 Things About Me
*I love older, southern homes.
*I let my big kids dress themselves. They must be approved before leaving the house. This teaches them responsibility, decision making, and making good fashionable choices. Many force clothes on their children. My fear with that is, once they are given the task years later in life they will make poor ones from a lack of practice. My daughter already makes her own judgements on if something is appropriate or not without an argument because she has a guided freedom to dress as she thinks looks best.
*I have been married for 10 years this year. And couldn’t be happier.

Inspiring Me This Week


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IMG_9519 copy

Have a great weekend!


April Walker

2 thoughts on “The Weekly 5/31

  1. I love your reasoning behind letting your children dress themselves! Also, Happy Anniversary!

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